Our integrated full-time Arabic language program includes the following elements or modules:

The Arabic alphabet

We teach colloquial Arabic using Arabic script rather than English transliteration (with the exception of casual learners). This module starts off our full-time program and is invaluable in building good reading and writing skills.

Colloquial Arabic “Amiyya”

The study of spoken Arabic is the core curriculum of our Arabic language training. In “Amiyya” classes we divide the time between studying the grammatical structures and practicing conversation.

Community Based Learning

Community Based Learning (CBL) is a tool we use to encourage and enable students to immerse their Arabic study into the local community. True understanding and fluency are gained by combining classroom acquisition with community practice. These classes are essential in developing opportunities to engage, research and become insiders within the local culture.

Classical Arabic “Fus-Ha”

“Fus-Ha” or “Modern Standard Arabic” is the language of written communication (books, news, media, etc) within the Arab World. Unlike the colloquial language, “Fus-Ha” is reasonably consistent throughout the Arab-speaking world. It is however very different and more complex than the colloquial language. For this reason we start teaching these classes joined with culture so we provide these classes to help students make this connection. Here we study Egyptian culture through the Arabic language and look at local traditions, idioms, proverbs and ways of articulating concepts.


We offer 12 levels of study which includes all of the above modules. The student will have 12–15 hours/week of classroom studies and is expected to spend a minimum of 15 hours/week in community practice and on homework and personal study. We can also tailor a program to the individual requirements of the students.


For those unable to study full-time we design part- time courses from 2-6hours/week, incorporating any or all of the above modules. The same ratio of time spent in language learning is encouraged for part-time students – ie – equal time spent in classroom, personal study and community practice.

General English

The General English courses focus on developing the grammar and language skills necessary for effective everyday communication. While the program seeks to help students improve in all the skills, there is particular focused on developing speaking skills.

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