1. If a teacher is absent for sickness, administration reserves the right to give the student another teacher without notifying (the student) during the days of absence.

2. Administration reserves the right to change the students’ teachers periodically (every 3-4 Levels).

3. Payment is due to the first week of each term. A registration processing fees of 100 L.E will be added to charges for first time students. A receipt will be given to you upon each payment, please keep your receipts for your reference.

4. Missed classes will be no refunds for lessons missed by students. A make up class can be scheduled with the instructor if a class is missed. Please notify your instructor 24 hours in advance if you will be missing a class.

5. I agree to attend all my classes and come to the lessons on time (unless due to illness or extenuating circumstances).

6. I agree to participate in all classroom activities (oral practice, games, conversation, use of visual aids, etc.)

7. I agree to come prepared for each class (personal study and homework).

8. I agree to be evaluated by the teachers based on the following: – written, oral, and listening skills tests – class participation – homework

9. I understand that I will have the right to do a formal evaluation of the teacher and U-Can Arabic Institute at the end of each term.

10. I agree to take the formal ACTFL test after Level Six (if I have reached that level).

11. I agree to dress appropriate and respectful of the Egyptian host culture when attending the U-Can Arabic Institute.

12. I agree to be diligent and take my studies seriously.

To apply for classes please fill out the application form and email it back to us. You can download the PDF application form by clicking here.

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