General English

The General English courses focus on developing the grammar and language skills necessary for effective everyday communication. While the program seeks to help students improve in all the skills, there is particular focused on developing speaking skills.

We use the Cambridge Interchange Series as the main curriculum, for more information about this series please go to  the  Cambridge website…

The program enables English students to progress through 18 levels of study from beginner to advanced.

Our professional teachers help make your learning interesting and enjoyable by using a variety of activities and supplementary teaching resources with an emphasis on student participation.


Conversational English

A conversational English class is a short, topic-based English course, aimed at improving your confidence in speaking.
We offer conversational courses for Intermediate and Advanced levels.

We provide fun and engaging activities to help you develop confidence in your conversational skills.


Business English

Business English Classes focus on the English language skills necessary to communicate in an increasingly global business environment.

We offer courses at Intermediate and Advanced levels.

We use the the Longman Market Leader series, as well as other supplementary resources.

Each course is based on different business topics such as Communication, Finance, Presentations, Customer Services, and International Marketing.

During the course you will have plenty of opportunity to practice your English through role-plays, discussions, presentations, and written tasks.

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