Our philosophy of learning

Our main goal is to maximize the learning opportunities, to help you progress as fast as possible in the language. So everything we do, we do with this goal in mind.

Interesting.  First of all, learning doesn’t have to be dreary and boring! We aim to make learning enjoyable by having a relaxed, friendly environment in the class, as well as having a variety of activities to make learning fun.  You’d be surprised how much you learn when you are relaxed.
Mysterious.  The methods we use aim to help your brain to put the new language together in your brain, sometimes even sub-consciously! Modern language methodologies try to mirror the ways in which our brains acquire language naturally.  Therefore the activities you do help your brain remember the new language, and make stronger connections between all the data.
Practical, skills based.  We encourage learning by doing, so a typical class will involves lots of different skills—listening, speaking, reading and writing – and activities.  There is an emphasis on functional language that relates to real-life communication and interaction. No long lectures on grammar or syntax here.
Learning together.  Learning doesn’t need to be competitive.  In fact by working together in a language class you can be multiplying the learning opportunities. So learning by working together means some of the tasks you do will be with a partner, in a group, or as a whole class.
Practice!  What you do outside the class is very important.  The more you use the language, the faster you will progress.  We recommend that for every hour of classroom learning, that you spend at least an hour outside the classroom practicing — at work, home, or with friends.